About us

We are a mini-student dorm, located in the centre of Maribor, in the pedestrian zone at Gosposka Street 21, 10th of October Street 1, and 10th of October Street 3. Mini student dorm is located approx. 5 minutes' walk to each faculty and 1 minute walk to the university. Opposite the house there is a bank, pizzeria, shop, post office, and bus station, everything what strict centre of large cities need to have. There is no traffic, so you can study in peace. At Gosposka Street 21 and 10th of October 1 Street there are 20 modern student rooms.

The building is divided into three parts and in each section there is a kitchen with a dining room for 12 persons, bathroom with 3 showers, 4 or 5 sinks and 3 toilets. This set is used by 4-8 persons. Hot water is always available because we have three 400-liter storages for hot water. Each bathroom has a free washing machine available.

Mini student dorm has also its own staff. 2 times per week we clean up common areas (bathrooms, toilets and kitchens) and if you wish, we can replace bed lines every 14 days. Each room has one or two beds, two connectors for the internet, Wi-Fi is also available, two closets, two desks and two desk chairs, and the radiator. Heating is on gas. In the price all costs are included (monthly use of bedding, heating, Internet usage, hot water and cleaning of common areas, and every 2 weeks changing of bed linen).

More than 200 students stayed already in our dorms and they were all satisfied.

Our motto is: